The BRAND Klep was born from the evolution of companies operating in the field of water treatment and swimming pools in the design and production of chemical products for the treatment of all types of water.
Thanks to the over ten years experience in the sector, the founders of Klep have created a wide range of products dedicated to pools, spas and increased their product range with unique and eco-compatible solutions.
With an innovative and efficient production system, the Klep team designs and manufactures high quality and reliable chemical products internally, having passed strict control tests necessary to obtain the certifications required by the regulations of the Ministry of Health, in order to be introduced on the market . The certifications represent a guarantee of efficacy and safety of the product, which ensures, with its own action, a perfect symbiosis between hygiene and quality.
Klep-branded products, all strictly Made in Italy, meet strict quality criteria dictated by ECHA, and are developed through a rigorous search and control and safety test path.
The innovative production line and the large storage areas guarantee customers with prompt delivery of goods.
For maximum efficiency, Klep brand products offer a wide range for all types of needs related to swimming pools and spas.
The quality of the raw materials chosen for the Klep line determines the durability and efficiency of our chemical products over time. It is for this reason that we consider it appropriate that you address to those who, like us, work in the sector by supplying not only products but a complete service. You will receive the right information and will be explained, if necessary, all the correct procedures for using the
chemicals that you have purchased for the maintenance of your pool.